We need a council who understands engineering, traffic, and infrastructure




Ramon Llanos has shown in several ways that he has the ability, desire and leadership skills to be on the Ferndale City Council, Position 7. He designed and assisted in the construction of Church Road, donated the survey work for Star Park, and saved the city about $100,000 in importing solids for the construction of the Ferndale Library. He has worked on engineering and designing road asphalt recycling and has some brilliant ideas about recycling rainwater and reduce water use. 

Ramon is principled, intelligent and hardworking.  As a businessman, he has successfully proven himself as the owner of an Engineering and Surveying company, a Realtor and a Developer.  He has the time to dedicate to this position, is willing to hear and serve our community, and proven experience to successfully contribute to real issues (i.e. growth, traffic, streets, water, sewer, recreation and environmental protection).  

Our city needs a person on the council that understands growth, development, streets, water and sewer. I believe that Ramon is the most qualified candidate. Please cast your vote for Ramon Llanos for Ferndale City Council, Position 7. 

Teresa Taylor

Ferndale City Council Pos. 4


ENDORSEMENT BY Satpal Sidhu, Whatcom County Council Member

Dear Residents of Ferndale!

I am proud to support Ramon Llanos in his campaign for Ferndale City Council. Ramon brings a lifetime of professional experience as an engineer and has demonstrated his commitment to public service.

His work for public entities and in the private sector give him a unique perspective on the issues facing our community. As a fellow engineer, I can vouch for the importance of this background when it comes to analyzing public works projects and helping colleagues reach well-informed decisions.

Ferndale is a growing city, and it is critical to have the leadership and wisdom to look beyond immediate horizon and think strategically about the future. I have full confidence in Ramon’s ability to provide this leadership and know he will be a great addition to the Ferndale City Council.


Satpal Sidhu

Whatcom County Council Member

360 305 4948



 "A vote for Ramon Llanos to Ferndale City Council Position 7 is a vote for professionalism and a vote for our community!    Having listened to Ramon present to City Council, Public Works and Planning and Land Use Committeeson multiple occassions, Ramon has provided a solid, even tempered, well thought and intelligent approach to solve problems.  His background as a Professional Engineer with Master of Science degree has served Ferndale residents and local business owners well, and his thoughtful, respectful and insightful demeanor at each of our meetings has benefited the City.   He listens well, provides good background and has been communicate clearly and has been able to reach consensus on many issues to help propel Ferndale forward.  His knowledge and experience will be of great benefit to Ferndale". 


Fred Kennedy

Former City Council Member and Planning Commissioner

Fred Kennedy






I have had the benefit of working with Ramon Llanos for over a decade in Ferndale and Whatcom County, and during that time I have seen Ramon navigate complex and difficult issues with professionalism, courtesy and thoughtfulness.  Ramon brings to the table a wealth of experience in community and land use planning, and he has always shown a willingness to listen intently, evaluate thoroughly, and make sound decisions.  Through his experience as a Professional Engineer he has had the opportunity to meet and work with a wide spectrum of Ferndale residents and understands the needs of the entire community.  He also has a strong understanding of fiscal matters, budgets and schedules and can bring this experience to governance.   I support Ramon Llanos for Ferndale City Council Position 7 and believe he will provide immense benefit to Ferndale and its residents.

Ali Taysi
Current City of Bellingham Planning Commission Chair


ENDORSEMENT BY: Todd McKernan , FORMER Candidate City of ferndale council position 7

Since I failed to make it past the primary many people have asked me who I support for the council position that I ran for.  Good news for Ferndale is that there are still two very good candidates who would make good council members; however, I believe that one of those two has a unique skill set that Ferndale needs now and going into the future.  That candidate is Ramon Llanos his history of working on major projects is exactly what we need with the Thornton Street overpass, new well and a new high school being worked on in the next several years.  It is my belief that a vote for Ramon is a vote for the future of Ferndale, his ability to think for exciting new possibilities is exactly what we need.

Todd McKernan,