We need a council who understands engineering, traffic, and infrastructure

Here is some of the People Endorsing Ramon LLanos Campaign:


Gary Jensen,

Former City Council and Mayor 

Teresa Taylor,

Ferndale City Council Position 4

Satpal Sidhu,

Whatcom County Council Member

Fred Kennedy,

Former City Council Member and Planning Commissioner

Ali Taysi,

Current City of Bellingham Planning Commission Chair

Todd Mckernan,

Former candidate City of Ferndale Council Position 7

R, Perry Eskridge,

Executive Officer/Government Affairs Director

Whatcom County Association of Realtors

Paul Ingram,

City of Ferndale resident

Charlotte Boraker

City of Ferndale resident

Tracy Kaus

Supporting City of Ferndale Businesses

Erin Sundean

City of Bellingham resident

Herb Porter

Ferndale Candidate for City Council

Alan Danforth

Engineering Manager

City of Mount Vernon - Development Services



I would first like to thank all of the local citizens who have stepped forward in an attempt to help our city by volunteering for public office. 

In the council position number 7 contest, both candidates are quality choices. That being said, the reality is that our city will have a majority of new council members in 2020. For that reason, our city needs Ramon Llanos serving us. Ramon has extensive experience using his engineering skills in both public and private projects all over Whatcom County. He naturally thinks of cost savings and time savings. His participation in the very early stages of the Church Road remodel saved you, the taxpayer, valuable dollars. I truly believe he will apply that mindset of saving time and money to help our city in the City Council position. He is a man of high integrity that will always look for ways to help our city, representing you the taxpayer. 



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Ramon Llanos has shown in several ways that he has the ability, desire and leadership skills to be on the Ferndale City Council, Position 7. He designed and assisted in the construction of Church Road, donated the survey work for Star Park, and saved the city about $100,000 in importing solids for the construction of the Ferndale Library. He has worked on engineering and designing road asphalt recycling and has some brilliant ideas about recycling rainwater and reduce water use. 

Ramon is principled, intelligent and hardworking.  As a businessman, he has successfully proven himself as the owner of an Engineering and Surveying company, a Realtor and a Developer.  He has the time to dedicate to this position, is willing to hear and serve our community, and proven experience to successfully contribute to real issues (i.e. growth, traffic, streets, water, sewer, recreation and environmental protection).  

Our city needs a person on the council that understands growth, development, streets, water and sewer. I believe that Ramon is the most qualified candidate. Please cast your vote for Ramon Llanos for Ferndale City Council, Position 7. 

Teresa Taylor

Ferndale City Council Position 4


Dear Residents of Ferndale!

I am proud to support Ramon Llanos in his campaign for Ferndale City Council. Ramon brings a lifetime of professional experience as an engineer and has demonstrated his commitment to public service.

His work for public entities and in the private sector give him a unique perspective on the issues facing our community. As a fellow engineer, I can vouch for the importance of this background when it comes to analyzing public works projects and helping colleagues reach well-informed decisions.

Ferndale is a growing city, and it is critical to have the leadership and wisdom to look beyond immediate horizon and think strategically about the future. I have full confidence in Ramon’s ability to provide this leadership and know he will be a great addition to the Ferndale City Council.


Satpal Sidhu

Whatcom County Council Member

360 305 4948


 "A vote for Ramon Llanos to Ferndale City Council Position 7 is a vote for professionalism and a vote for our community!    Having listened to Ramon present to City Council, Public Works and Planning and Land Use Committeeson multiple occassions, Ramon has provided a solid, even tempered, well thought and intelligent approach to solve problems.  His background as a Professional Engineer with Master of Science degree has served Ferndale residents and local business owners well, and his thoughtful, respectful and insightful demeanor at each of our meetings has benefited the City.   He listens well, provides good background and has been communicate clearly and has been able to reach consensus on many issues to help propel Ferndale forward.  His knowledge and experience will be of great benefit to Ferndale". 


Fred Kennedy

Former City Council Member and Planning Commissioner




 I have had the benefit of working with Ramon Llanos for over a decade in Ferndale and Whatcom County, and during that time I have seen Ramon navigate complex and difficult issues with professionalism, courtesy and thoughtfulness.  Ramon brings to the table a wealth of experience in community and land use planning, and he has always shown a willingness to listen intently, evaluate thoroughly, and make sound decisions.  Through his experience as a Professional Engineer he has had the opportunity to meet and work with a wide spectrum of Ferndale residents and understands the needs of the entire community.  He also has a strong understanding of fiscal matters, budgets and schedules and can bring this experience to governance.   I support Ramon Llanos for Ferndale City Council Position 7 and believe he will provide immense benefit to Ferndale and its residents.

Ali Taysi
Current City of Bellingham Planning Commission Chair


ENDORSEMENT BY: Todd McKernan , FORMER Candidate City of ferndale council position 7

I had an amazing experience this year running for city council, and had an opportunity to meet many Ferndale residents including Ramon Llanos.  While running against him, I found him to be very nice, extremely knowledgeable, and I was impressed with his experience working on many large civic projects. Even volunteering his time to work on various city projects.  

The city of Ferndale is about to begin several large projects including the Thorton street overpass, a new water well, and the new high school.  It is because of Ramon’s experience that I feel that Ramon Llanos is the best candidate for city council now and going into the future.   Ramon never stops coming up with good ideas and ways to save us money. He is worth everyone’s consideration for council and he has my endorsement.

Todd McKernan,

Former Candidate City of  Ferrndale Council - Position 7

 Ferndale City Council Pos. 7 – Ramon Llanos:  Ramon Llanos brings a unique combination of experience in engineering, development, and real estate issues; Ramon is a broker at Muljat Group North.  Ramon’s interview with the REALTOR® panel included specific answers involving alternative options for Ferndale’s infrastructure, zoning, and downtown revitalization.  Ramon’s presentations to the Ferndale Council, according to REALTOR® Government Affairs Director, Perry Eskridge, are “the most professional, practical, and reasonable suggestions that I have witnessed at public hearings anywhere.”  Based on his involvement in recent projects including the city’s accessory dwelling units, traffic improvements, and his extensive knowledge of the city’s utilities and infrastructure, Ramon is the clear choice for Ferndale Council Position 7. 

R. Perry Eskridge
Executive Officer/Government Affairs Director
Whatcom County Association of REALTORS®

I spent 8 years on city council, we were busy all of the time, one project after another. We had 2 trained engineers on that council, myself and Cathy Watson.

When you are considering spending tax payers money on a project, it really helps to have members on the council that can understand what contractors are talking about. A working knowledge of the terminology and methodology described in documents can save huge amounts of time and $$$$’s. As far as I can determine, Mr. Llanos is an engineer first and foremost, and I feel we need that balance on a new council that will be facing a very challenging 4 years.

Paul Ingram
City of Ferndale resident

 We have been neighbors with Ramon Llanos for some years.  In that time we have had business dealings in which he was more than fair, been advised when we would have made an error regarding a city ordinance and generally helpful as a good neighbor.  We believe he would be an asset to the Ferndale City Council Position 7.

Charlotte Boraker
City of Ferndale resident 


This letter is in regard to Ramon Llanos and his character. Currently Ramon is running for Ferndale City Council Position 7. There have been letters written by individuals who have not taken the time to know him and only go by what has been printed and said in interviews and letters in support of Ramon as well.

I know Ramon to be a fair and honest individual. He is a governing agent in a local business, and he is a community leader and a resident of the City of Ferndale. Ramon has donated a lot of his personal and professional time to the City of Ferndale and Whatcom County over the years. He has found ways to save the city money on projects while following the rules and regulations as outlined by the city, county and state.

He has not used his position within his company to influence any decisions within the city. As a business owner, he does work for individuals who do business with the City of Ferndale in building and land development, but that is the business he is in. With his knowledge and expertise as an engineer, he has been able to work within the rules and regulations that are outlined by the city in every project to ensure that all is done correctly and will be beneficial to both the community and the land owners while following the laws. He does not ask for favors or work around the requirements to complete his job.

Ramon has been a big part of the development within the city. He has helped save thousands of dollars on the library project, he has donated his own time and money into projects that are beneficial to the community. He has been instrumental in the Catalyst Program and working the Western Washington University, the City of Ferndale, and the local community members to help bring more residential and commercial business to Ferndale. Ramon’s goal as a city council member is to help in the decision making and offer his expertise and knowledge to ensure the citizens of Ferndale are taken care of in a fair and honest way.

Although I do not live in the City of Ferndale, I do work within the city limits and support all the local businesses.

Tracy Kaus

  I am writing to pledge support for Ramon Llanos’ desire to serve the City of Ferndale as a councilmember. I have known Ramon for over 20 years on both a personal and professional level.

On a personal level, I have always found Ramon to be a kind and compassionate person with great integrity. Given all of Ramon’s great personal traits, it is his professional experience that will truly be an asset to the City of Ferndale and its citizens. His many years of experience running an engineering company translates into a proven leader with great knowledge in the nuances of public infrastructure. Staying within budgets and getting jobs done on time are necessities in the private sector and a must for a successful engineering business. As Ferndale continues to grow, this knowledge will be a huge benefit as the City makes key planning decisions for the future and will result in taxpayers saving money.

Ramon’s goal is to do everything he can to help make Ferndale the best it can be for all of its citizens. My only regret is I cannot cast my vote for Ramon, as I now live in Bellingham. He will make a great councilperson and leader for your fine City!

Erin Sundean
City of Bellingham resident


As we approach the finish line on the upcoming election for Ferndale City Council, it is my pleasure to write a Letter of Endorsement on behalf of three candidates that are running in the current Council races: Paul Bulanov, Ramon Llanos, and Ryan O'Larey. Each one of these individuals brings to the table skills and abilities that will help the City of Ferndale immensely, as it navigates through the challenges of growth, currently and in the future.

First, Paul Bulanov, has a wide breath of experience in the real estate arena and is keenly aware of the different types of housing needs that we need in Ferndale. His understanding and grasp of the housing market, can help streamline some of our current building codes with the goal of facilitating affordable housing, together with other types of residential building.

Second, Ramon Llanos' extensive experience in infrastructure development as it relates to streets, roads, residential and commercial building, is something that will be a real asset to our city's future planning and development. He thinks "outside the box" and is not afraid to come up with new ideas and concepts, always tempering them with common sense.

Thirdly, Ryan O'Larey, coming from an environmental engineering background, can provide expertise in helping the city navigate through the myriad of environmental statutes and regulations that it deals with on a daily basis. Also, his desire to reach out to the city's residents and establish a two-way communication network when there is an important issue to vote on, is refreshing and welcomed.


You can't go wrong in choosing to support these three candidates. Each has skills and abilities that the City needs now in order to move forward in our future growth and development. Please join me in voting for these three individuals as they will be a real asset to our Ferndale City government.

Herb Porter


Candidate for City Council


This letter is in regard to Ramon Llanos and his professional capabilities, character, and fitness to serve the public.  Currently Ramon is running for Ferndale City Council Position 7.

I have worked with Ramon on both Public and private projects for over 14 years. Ramon's comprehensive understanding of Land Use, Civil Engineering, fiscal responsibility and general construction practices would elevate the City of Ferndale's City Council capabilities in regards to understanding complex development issues.

Ramon has consistently demonstrated his commitment to responsible development including budgetary savings, environmental consciousness, and effective infrastructure. If the citizens of Ferndale are looking for a representative that will look out for their best interests regarding City budget, environmental effects of construction, practical and effective infrastructure, I would highly recommend voting for Ramon Llanos.

Alan Danforth

Engineering Manager

City of Mount Vernon - Development Services